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Thank You, Thank You, I’ll Be Here All Night!! *insert awkward bow*


Last Tuesday Bella informed me that she had a demonstration the next meeting, and guess who was her partner?  That’s right, ME! I was obviously a nervous wreck thinking about it, imagining all of the horrible things that could go wrong…..like attempting to SPEAK SPANISH IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE CONGREGATION!!! But with lots of prayer to Jehovah and a humorous look at it I was able to calm down.  I gave the part and, of course, butchered it and the congregation loved it.  Every time I speak Spanish they get all happy, like its their child’s first words.  So with the demo it was a frenzy of “Esa! Buen trabajo,” and “Ahh! Estas aprendiendo mucho eh?”  Hugs all around.

But the best part about this whole experience is that I have come to really understand and appreciate something: I DON”T SPEAK SPANISH!  So why am I always nervous about speaking and sounding like a gringo?  I am going to mess it up and its going to be hilarious and people are going to laugh, so I need to be one of them.  Now, I just go for it.  If my prepared comment is taken or if I’m not called on, I am just going to read something straight out of the paragraph…and badly.  I feel so liberated!

No me interesa porque ustedes no creen en Jesus Christo!

Yesterday was quite a day!  I headed over to Teresa’s in the morning to have a baking day.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  When Teresa bakes apparently she bakes for the next two months.  She stores it all because when she has people over she likes to be able to offer them something.  So by the time I arrived she was well on her way to baking every recipe in the book!  I was able to make a healthy granola and some cinnamon rolls for the little gathering we were going to have after the meeting for the new pioneers.

some of the goodies we be makin!

By the time I arrive home its around 4pm and I AM EXHAUSTED!  I take a short nap and get ready for the meeting.  Right when I was grabbing my bag to head out, I hear it: CRACK! Rumble….. and then the downpour began..When it rains here, well let’s just say you’ve never seen anything like it.  And with my stairs, they are right under the house ledge where all the water runs off.  So its like trying to walk under a waterfall..in meeting clothes with hair and make up all done.  Talk about frustrated.  I called Bella and she said she was waiting until it let up a little to leave.  So we waited, but it never let up.  Finally she calls and says she’s just going to make a run for it.  I gather my stuff and hold it tight and run as fast as you can down a flight of metal stairs in the pouring rain.  By the time I get out to the road and open my umbrella I am ABSOLUTELY SOAKED head to toe.

There were a surprising amount of people at the meeting, since most don’t have a car and have to walk.  But instead of drying out at the hall, I continued to get wet because the wind was blowing in rain and mist in through the windows and doors.  My Watchtower was soaked!  But with the final pray the rain stopped, so we were able to still have our little gathering.  It was really nice to encourage La Zurza’s four new pioneers and do something nice for them.

My Cinnamon Rolls were a hit! whoop!!

Left to right: Loreen, Me, Lindaura, Sorida, Maciel and Mari

Well that’s all I got for now, more to come soon!  Also, thank you everyone for the reviews on Expat Blogs.  However the the leading site right now has 16 and we need to beat them!! So please, if you like reading this blog and hearing all my misadventures, send some love and review! Thank you guys!