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What’s a Person Gotta do to Get a Decent Hamburger Around Here???


Yesterday was packed with some interesting experiences, let me tell you.  Friday’s I go out with Teresa in the Sign so that’s already a recipe for some good times.  We see Clara Luz first and you wouldn’t believe her progress.  Her personality is developing and can I just say she is HILARIOUS! She is always laughing about something.  She is learning so much too, we can’t keep up with her!  We are working on a second book that is part 2 for the Listen to God brochure, and it’s just not coming along fast enough for her.  Sometimes you wonder what concepts she actually understands, and what ones she has to take our word for, as it were.

For  example, how to you describe to someone who has never seen or heard what it means to gamble, or to feel a struggle with something internal.  I mean we show her the sign for ‘tree’ and then we take her to a tree and explain that is what that sign means, but does she know that its branches go high into the sky and its leaves blow in the wind?  I can’t wait to see her in the Paradise and show her all the different trees, and to have her tell me what she really understood and what was sooo very different than what she thought.  Its going to be beautiful.

So after the study we had to get Teresa’s car checked because it’s been having problems.  So I worked on ‘The Book’ with some little girls that lived there while I waited.  It’s amazing how much attention this book gets, people just can’t understand how it works.  I was the same before I saw it in action.  The car wasn’t supposed to take long, but that is never the case here.  So I had to get myself from that part of town (A part I had never been to, by the way) all the way to another unfamiliar part called Pekin for the Spanish Pioneer Meeting I was supposed to be at.  Of course I got lost, decided to hop in a concho to try and figure out where I was only to discover I was going farther from where I needed to be.  I say as much to the driver and says, “No preocupe, tu eres muy bonita.  Yo te llevara a donde tu queres ir.”!! Well, would you look at that!  Really I was going to decline, but two seconds later there were four pioneer sisters flagging him down and so I didn’t feel bad about taking him up on it.  Of course that didn’t stop him from trying to charge us a ridiculous amount of money for his ‘favor’, but we sorted it out, and I got there just in time!

It was very encouraging and there loads of pioneers.  Both the Circuit Overseer and the District Overseer were, of course, wonderful speakers.  So good, in fact, I almost forgot it wasn’t in English! Almost half way through the power went out, and its not so much the lights that’s the problem, but it means the wonderful fans don’t work either!  And 200 Pioneers in a small hall with no air flow in the tropical heat really puts you to the test!  But wonderful reminders and encouraging experiences.


For dinner Bella wanted to go out and have some good ole American junk food, a big cheese burger to be precise.  So we thought we would go to this one place she used to go that had live music, happy hour (yay) and a good burger menu.  We arrive, and in hindsight I now know I should have seen the signs.

1. Absolutely no customers 5 o’clock on a Friday night.

2.  When we went inside it smelled really strange, so we sat outside on the patio.

3.  When we ordered our margaritas we had to go threw a few flavors before we found one they actually serve.

4.  When he brought out the drinks they were seriously in the smallest glasses I’d ever seen, not at all what we ordered and had a really strange taste. (when we brought all this to the owners attention he told us the only thing was they were out of salt, but apart from that it was all as it should be. Even though we ordered Limon since that is all he said they had and the drink was a bright pink..and warm?)

5.  Last but not least, when we decided just to hurry up and order the burgers he told us that was fine, however they didn’t have any hamburger buns….but they had the meat!….

We had to go after that.  By now we are starving so we decide just to go with what we know.  There is a sushi place called Sushi YA! and it was connected to a Burger YA! and they did pretty decent food.  So we get there, and Sushi YA! is now next to a “Coming Soon! Barritas Frescas!”  I don’t even know what that is, but two down and we are STILL BURGERLESS!  So I say, what about Chile’s?  We hadn’t been there in a while.  No, no can do, Chile’s is closed down because it’s relocating.  So last straw, T.G.I. Friday’s.

We arrived and ordered our Margaritas, and with one sip I knew we finally got it right.  Nice, cold drink in a BIG  glass.  When our huge bacon cheese burgers arrived I was happy to see they were complete with buns!  It was almost worth the insanity before hand.  Moral of the story: Never get your heart set on food here.  Never get to the point you are craving a certain something.  90% of the time it will not be available, and if it is it will most probably be missing something.