She·nan·i·gans: Silly or high-spirited behavior; mischief


Alright, so let’s recap. Goal number 1: Spend 100 hours preaching for the month of July. It is the 23rd and I am only at 60 hours. Well that gives me 8 days to get 40 hours….Can it be done? We shall see what will become with Jehovah’s help. Goal number 2: Be more creative. Well I started my statue sketch, knitted 1 baby shoe and did fancy nails twice. I think that is a good start. I don’t want to be too focused on this goal seeing as it can easily get out of hand.


I started my sketch!…..probably won’t finish it…


Studying our Watchtower in La Sirena as a form of table witnessing.

Goal n umber 3: Go on an adventure. Well this goal can be emphatically checked off with rainbow colors and little stars. My goodness yes. And so it is this third goal I shall relate into you. 


Nikki and I left Sunday right after our meeting to the gua gua station to meet up with Joseph and his brother Dan. Of course we were well packed with sandwiches, chips, oreos and soda. The bus ride was outrageously long, just over 5 hours. However we did have Joseph to keep us entertained with his crazy self as well as our reading material and music. It was wonderful to arrive in Samana and to get out of the cramped gua gua. I love the feeling I get when I go back to Samana, like greeting an old friend you no longer keep in touch with, but no matter how much time passes it will be as though you were never apart. I have many good memories from this small town. After all, it was my short stay there that made me fall in love with the island and decide that I would come back one day to stay. Its familiar little streets and easy, small-town feel make you feel right at home.

When we arrived we called Ginger and Pepper so they could show us where they lived. Joseph was making everyone dinner which made us all feel very spoiled. It was nice to hear Ginger’s and Pepper’s experiences living there in Samana. They are sisters from Texas and are serving in the Campo congregation in La Pasquala, about 20 minutes from Samana. They are a true inspiration! The next day we went to Las Galeras to enjoy a long beach day. Its about 40 minutes away from Samana and only 100 pesos to ride in the back of a truck.

Tuesday Nikki and I went out in service with the Spanish congregation in the morning. I forgot that Samana is all hills, so service is definitely an adventure. We met two Haitian men who invited us in and had a very nice spiritual discussion. The one had said he believed in God, but didn’t believe you could put faith in any one religion seeing as there is so much hypocrisy. Funny enough, that is the theme of this month’s Watchtower offer.  The Governing Body are so in tune to what people are looking for these days and it is amazing to see Jehovah’s hand.


Climbing “steps” up a hill in the territory.


Joseph on a broken down boat improving and entire musical starting him as all characters….ya..


Beautiful Samana


The path to the beach after miles of DEATH ROCKS!!!


Finally made it to the beach! So worth it!


We arrived home Wednesday afternoon, just in time for me to see Bella before she left for her visit to the States. It is so nice to visit the Bells; I don’t see them as much anymore now that I am quite far away. I was able to go out in service with my old congregation, La Zurza that evening and see some familiar faces. When I finally arrived home Wednesday evening I was just in time to greet my new roommate. Well, he thought he would be my new roommate. People don’t believe me when I say that the creepy crawlies follow me. But spend a little time with me and you will soon see that its true. I get home and I’m talking to Dana as I put my things in my room, on my way out, out of the corner of my eye I see the BIGGEST spider I have ever seen. I thank Jehovah every day for Dana! She can always remain calm in the face of evil insects and without her I would have simply closed my bedroom door and never go in there again. Well, after about 4o minutes of chasing the spider, tearing up my whole room, (and many screaming, freak-out, run-for-your-life moments) we called Obed, one of our elders who lives below us. He comes in, and with one thwack with the broom, ya! Problem solved. I seriously can’t handle many more of these home invasions. Just a couple days ago I had a flying cockroach swoop in through my window and try to attack me! WHY DO THEY FOLLOW ME????



Well, this is all I have to update ya’ll on. I am just going along and loving every minute of serving here in the Dominican Republic. I have had many, many emails from hopeful needgreaters and I love hearing your stories! All who have come have not been disappointed. They tell me of all the amazing things they saw in Jehovah’s service and how they hope to return. So if you want to expand your ministry and to see brotherly love in action, then make it a matter of prayer and Jehovah will give you whatever you need. You just have to make yourself available!



Roldith (on my left) helping on M’s study.


Dana and Roldith


Beautiful day out in service.


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  1. Enjoyed reading part of your blog today for the first time. Very nicely written. Makes the reader feel comfortable and welcome. Congrats 🙂

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