Is it Bewilderment or Straight up Hilarity?


Wow…. All I can say is wow. District Convention 2013 is where it’s at!!! Now don’t worry, I’m not going to send out any spoilers. I won’t tell you anything about the AMAZING talks, or the wonderfully presented experiences, or how that one of the new releases is the best thing the faithful slave has ever put their name to….EVER…well, except for maybe the NWT of the Holy Scriptures. I suspect that as these conventions roll out, many, many people are going to be finding their way back to Jehovah and his organization, at least I hope so.


A recent paint job totally brings the SDQ Assembly hall up to date!


The Samana Crowd, and Joseph. Left to right: Lauren, Ginger, Victor, Pepper, Natalie, Alisa and Joseph.



Josefina and Kimberly made it for the Sunday

Well I better stop before I say too much, but I just have to take a moment and marvel at how the Slave is just so in tune to what we are facing in these last days. I truly feel blessed to be apart of Jehovah’s people. And I can’t wait to hear your comments about the convention. Also, one other thing to mention is that the English conventions here are seriously off the charts. I don’t know if I said it in my convention post for last year, but it is true. The level of appreciation and love for Jehovah is just so high and concentrated into one area, that it truly takes your breath away. Everyone there at the English conventions wants to be there. They have made sacrifices, traveled hundreds of miles, fought unbelievable obstacles and trials just to be there. It’s a beautiful experience.


These brothers be taking the DR by STORM!

I just have to say to all the recent visitors one thing: Don’t forget.  You may feel like you could never forget such a wonderful experience and you are all fired up to share this rekindled zeal with everyone back home.  But, just don’t forget.  It is VERY easy to slip back into the place where you were before.  Not that that is a bad place, but remember that there is so much more.  Remember the level of love and appreciation for Jehovah you saw in the congregation.  Remember how it feels to find someone in the ministry who asks YOU for a Bible study.  Remember that Jehovah is reaching many hearts and there is so much work to be done.  Do not let the apathy that seems so overwhelming make you feel that it is not worth your effort to continue in the ministry.  You’ve read experiences in the year book, but now you’ve lived them!  Remember.


We went out to eat after and this poor Dominican girl was just trying to have a party and I walk in WEARING THE SAME DRESS…..I forced her into taking a picture with me.


TGI Friday’s after Saturday’s program.

Ok, we’ll enough about that. Last Friday was probably the funniest days of my life! We took a group to San Francisco de Macoris to help the Chinese congregation do some canvassing. It’s about 2 hours away and so we had to start early that morning. We met at 7:30 am at the gua gua station and the 12 of us subjected those poor passengers to 2 hours of complete chaos! There are two English brothers visiting Santiago as well as Nikki and Joseph. That is enough to start some shenanigans. But then we also had Catherine, Emi and Sarah. We did a lot of walking, and stayed until 5pm!


Left to right: Emi, Me, Tracy and Melody.


Left to right: Nikki, Sarah, Catherine and Joseph


Danny, Navid, and Akane

It is really quite funny the reaction we get during this work. You simply say, “Hola, buen día. Somos testigos de Jehová y estamos buscando personas que hablan chino. Hay alguien en su casa que hablan chino?” But instead of a simple yes or no, I get one of two reactions: the person cracks up and thinks its hilarious I’m asking then if they know anyone who speaks Chinese, or nothing. Simply the most bewildered, blank stare. We have to ask again and then they respond. It cracks me up every time!


After a delicious lunch ready to hit the afternoon heat!


One of the groups had a really good experience of a Chinese woman who was very interested in traveling to Santiago for the Chinese meeting. We headed back and went over to Nikki’s for dinner with some from our group and, of course, the hilarity continued.

I wanted to share a link for a wonderful sister’s blog. Ashley’s parents are here serving in the Creole, but they have traveled and served many places with many experiences. Recently Ashley has moved to Taiwan and this blog shares her adventures, so check her out!

I’m very excited because I snagged a lunch invitation at Bethel for this Friday. Rose, the sister I stayed with in New York, is coming to visit her daughter Kellen. So it will be us three and Sabrina.

Well, I’m waiting to meet up with Teresa for our study with Nichole an its starting to rain. I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated with the work going on. I think it’s about time for another stab at recruiting!


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  1. Omg you just got me tooooo hyped for the convention! Ours is in July! I kinda wanna sneak to an earlier convention…muhahaha. Muchas Gracias for the update! It made my day! Btw, Have you lost weight?.. You look skinnier and stunning!!!!!

  2. We got a little sneak peak of DC by going for the afternoon session on Friday. FAB-U-LOUS!!! We got all the releases since it was my parents convention last weekend and they brought home all the treasures. I agree, next to the NWT this is my favorite release ever! Glad you’re enjoying the ministry. Keep up the great work.

  3. Hi Esalena, My name is Ashley, and I’ve been following your blog for about a month now. We’ve never met and I cant remember if i’ve commented on one of your posts before. Anyways, I love your blog its so SO encouraging I’m a ASL interpreter who transferred to a sign language congregation at the beginning of the year, and now I’m hoping to start need-greating. The DR is my first choice and I hope to be able to come next year in May and stay for at least a month maybe even two. I love reading your blog, every time you post something, I’m even more excited about the possibility of serving in the DR. I’m making this my goal and really, really am trying to achieve it. I feel like I can already tell that I will love it!! Thank you for sharing your experiences if you ever wonder if anyone ever reads them and really cares, know that each post touches my heart and motivates me more and more to do all I can to reach my goal of serving there. And who knows maybe someday we’ll even get to meet!

    • Aww!! That means so much! Thank you! I just can’t believe I get to experience this stuff first hand, I feel so unworthy! What a wonderful goal! With Jehovah’s help you will be able to achieve it. And wouldn’t that be lovely to meet! Keep up your good service to Jehovah and don’t be surprised when he opens the flood gates of blessings on you!

  4. Hi Esalena, you chose the good portion! We love reading your blog…so encouraging and inspiring. Keep blogging and posting on Instagram, you’re helping many of us get the needgreater ‘bug’ lol. On instagram I’m @ginaginbo_bo_bina just so you know when I comment on your posts. We’re planning a trip for my daughter to visit DR end of next month.

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