He’s Pretty Awesome, This God We Serve


Have you ever stopped to look at your life only to realize how overwhelmingly happy you are?  I have been doing that a lot lately.  I am so very happy to be in ASL.  I am so happy to be in my new apartment, rooming with Dana.  I am happy for the association I have and that I can keep in touch with friends from back home often.  I am happy to be here in the Dominican Republic, enjoying the most rewarding service days I have ever had.  And it is all thanks to the wonderful God we serve.  He is so patient, so loving and generous.  It is enough to make you  feel embarrassingly undeserving.  But we are.  He knows that.  Yet, still our lives can be overflowing with his blessings.

Let me try out my Spanish! ok:

Me gusta mucho la estudia de la Atalya de la semana pasada.  El texto en Salmo 119:165 es muy bonito: “Paz abundante pertenece a los que aman tu ley, y no hay para ellos tropiezo.”

Not sure how accurate that is, and I am much too lazy to check!  So anyways, we can fall many times, but if we love Jehovah and honestly try to give him our best He will make sure we get back up.  All he wants is our best, and really that is the least we can give.  Sign Language can be truly beautiful.  The sign for ‘support’ is a fist coming up under the other, like reinforcement. And that is what Jehovah does for us; His support is lifting and powerful.  Sometimes words just can’t express, and Sign Language is just so…so…filled with emotion.  Beautiful.

The Watchtower study for this week was just as beautiful.  Jehovah will give to us a heart to know him.  How often I have just wished that Jehovah would take my heart and fashion it in a way pleasing to him.  Just take out any inclination or desire that could separate me from him and be done with it!  Well, unfortunately it doesn’t work quite like that.  But he can give us a heart knowing him.  Then all we must do is be receptive to him and his principles.  I’ll take it! But I am still looking forward to the day when we will not have to constantly battle a treacherous heart.

Well Sunday was my first night out at the movies in the Dominican Republic!  It was the 3rd attempt at seeing this movie, but we made it and it was fun.  When I first started this post we were planning the second attempt, however it was raining pretty bad so it got cancelled.  But I wasn’t too bummed because I got to spend time with Gabby, Dana’s Bible student instead.  She came back with us after meeting and we had lunch together.  For a couple hours she just sat there looking though all of my photos (and I have hundreds!) and telling me stories.  I was amazed at how much Sign I know, but how much I need to learn at the same time!  She keeps me on my toes! If I nod like I understand she checks to make sure!  And if I don’t, well then I’m trouble.

Today I snuck over to the English because Jeremy was giving the talk.  He did very well and it was nice to be able to see everyone.  I think what I miss most not being in English is not being able to sing to Jehovah in my own language.  I’m not very good at signing the songs, but that is a small sacrifice I am happy to make.  Besides, we have the English convention coming up next weekend, so I can get all of the English spiritual food I want!  I am very excited.

Well I’m signing off, but before I go, here are some videos of Clara Luz for her study.  This is what it takes to prepare a comment for her.  Hope you enjoy!



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  1. Hello, my name is JoDene Haley, somehow perhaps via Teresa I got a link to ur blog. I was in the same class of gilead as Teresa. I have enjoyed so much reading ur experiences and expressions. Keep up the good work and give Teresa a big hug fom me. I am so happy that you r remembering ur creator in the days of ur youth. Hasta la proxima

  2. Totally agree with you about our God and I am very happy that you are very happy.  You say that ASL is beautiful, yes, it is very expressive, but the true beauty comes from working with the deaf and seeing their response, as you experienced with Gaby and you will experience with others.  

    I had lunch with Marty and company today.  She cooks for the boys every Sunday, so I took over a contribution and enjoyed being with them and two couples, one of whom I had met before briefly.  Don’t remember the conversation but they remembered Clara Luz and he uses her as an illustration in one of his public talks and she says he cried every time he says it.  So we have no idea how far reaching our work with her is and how encouraging to others.  That should help us to stick with it.  I hope that in two weeks we can get together and work some.

    You haven’t answered any of my emails.  I do hope that you are all right.  Thanks for sharing your expressions and feelings and for helping me so much in the service.  Wed I will work til 6.    Carino, TAS


  3. I loved this week’s Watchtower too! This was the first time I’ve really connected with/thought about the circumcising our hearts illustration. In the past, I’ve always brushed it over because it struck me as a bit graphic and a little disgusting that we would remove “the foreskin of our hearts”, but this time I really got it. We need to cut out all of the negativity because it keeps us clean, and like a real surgery it’s a preemptive measure against spiritual infection. Plus, like the Israelites, this “circumcision” keeps us separate from the nations. I really appreciated how this Watchtower pulled it together in a way I could really relate to.
    Good hearing from you!

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