Mowgli Returns


Ok, I have a new appreciation for Mowgli. As soon as I arrived in the airport I felt so out of place in its unending hallways surrounded by concrete and metal and man-made things. It’s the most surreal experience I have ever had and I felt constantly overwhelmed with the abundance that is America. When my mom showed up with my lil Ronna I felt like a wild animal taking its first step into civilization. Now I know that is a little extreme, but the contrast between the DR and the US is remarkable. And being away for so long had definitely altered my perception of “home.”

I was happy to see my friends and family and it was comforting to see some familiar sights, but what surprised me was my lack of desire to stay. My journey in the Dominican Republic constantly surprises me and demands my love for its foreign ways, but I was a little scared that my trip home would make my return a struggle. I was relieved to find that although I love my old congregation and I miss them dearly, I was desperate to return to my strange little island.

Every one back home was so supportive and it warmed my heart to see the pride in their eyes, even though it felt undeserved. My parents have been a brick and I feel overwhelmed with their love and support. I hope they can come visit me next year and see the wonder that is the DR.

After I left California I stayed for a couple days in New York. I was planning to do a whole bethel/ New York trip with my friend Dawn Rae, but decided to postpone it until October. However I wanted to meet up with a few friends from there that I had met in the DR. One of the sisters staying in my studio while I was away offered for me to stay with her mom, Rosa, in Woodhaven, Queens. She is so sweet! And they have an amazing dog named Mia who is now my most favorite dog in the world!

I arrived late Wednesday in JFK. When I went to claim my baggage it was no where to be found! I asked someone who worked there and he said they took all the San Francisco luggage and put it in a room. It was so lovely and sunny out that I wanted to go get dinner and walk around, so I asked if I could just leave it there for a few hours and the guy was like, “sure”! Sweet! No charge too!

So I got to look around, walked the Brooklyn bridge, saw the Bethel (I wasn’t prepared for how excited that made me!) visited both museums, walked Central Park, traveled up Long Island, etc. I was very much in love with New York, it has always had a place deep in my heart. But it was time to go home.

I am now rooming with Dana, I moved everything the day I flew in! I am very happy with how it’s all working out. I went out in service today for the first time since I’ve been back and it is such a breath of fresh air. This is what I want to do for a very long time! Now that I am back I will do my best to post regularly. I appreciate all the comments and emails, sorry it took me so long to respond!


View of the Brooklyn Bridge



Walking around Brooklyn



Brooklyn Bethel! Stopped my heart!




When the heavens decided to open up and dump on me. Thunder storms in NY, what an experience!



My first train ride from Queens to Port Jefferson!



Best dog in the world! (sorry Max….)







Long Island Rail Road




The Met was AMAZING!




Truly amazing




Just outside Brooklyn Botanical Gardens




Lovely day, but FREEZING!




This painting of Joan of Arc took my breath away…the



DINOSAURS!!!! (yallz know how much I love Dinos)




Central Park stole my heart….20130419-165438.jpg





Emi and Catherine at our Rooftop Party




My knew apartment!




Crazy Joseph





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  1. That’s great to hear… Me and my wife are going to Sweden in June for her to see where I grew up and to know some of my friends and so… I think I will notice the diference between DR and Sweden, maybe not that much like you in the States (cause the states are a little bit bigger than Sweden). But I will really enjoy to come home and see some friend, but at the same time I think it will be the same feeling you had. That it is nice to be “home” but at the same time not wanting to stay, a kind of “homesickness” from DR… Well I hope you have it nice in your new apartment. In what part of Santiago do you live?

    Brotherly love from Chris in Sosua.. 😉

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