Sometimes I look at my life and I just can’t believe where I am and how I got here.  For those of you who know me, it is no secret that I tend to be a ‘glass half empty’ type of gal.  I loved to read the year book and dream of being in an exciting land trekking through rivers and villages to preach, having that one experience where  the person you walked 100 miles to meet tells you they have been praying for the truth.  However when it came down to it, it turned out that my fear would not allow me to even work toward such a goal.  To be honest, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for all the support from my parents and congregation and a dear friend of mine with her zealous, energizer-bunny, optimistic personality.  She motivated me to make this goal and gave me the confidence that if I had the right motives and had a little faith, Jehovah would help me reach it.  And he has, every step of the way.  I am so thankful to my parents for sticking with me and helping me stick with my goal.

It is so funny how we say “Trust in Jehovah” so easily and just as easily forget to do it.  There is always a point where we feel it is time to take the control back, as if we gave Jehovah the chance to take care of us but he didn’t come through.  There have been so many times since the beginning of this whole adventure where this is exactly what I did.  However, with good council from trusted friends I would again ‘throw my burden on Jehovah’ and then watch in amazement how everything got worked out.

Case and point: Finding a roommate.  The beginning of this year I started to think of looking for a bigger place and maybe a roommate once the lease expired at my studio.  I have found it a bit of a struggle not being able to invite people over to my place because it is just so awkward to invite people to hang out in what is essentially my bedroom…I know people say it is no big deal, but I just feel way to uncomfortable, not to mention that I have only one chair and very few dishes.  So I thought it would be good to actually have a front room.  I started to ask if anyone was looking for a roommate and scouting out all the apartments.  But nothing was coming through, and I started to get a little stressed and discouraged.

Last week I happened to be on the English side of town and I decided to call every rent sign and find my new place that day.  I was praying the whole walk around town, saying that if I get a good deal that feels right on the English side I would move to the English congregation and wait to joint the sign.  (I had a small overwhelming meltdown where I thought there was no way I could join the ASL)  Well after 2 1/2 hours of walking around town I had nothing.  And I took that to mean that I was just supposed to renew my lease at the studio and stay there for another year.  I was a little unhappy with that outcome, but I decided I couldn’t wait for Jehovah any longer, it was time to make a decision.

photo 1 (3)

Monica and my new roomie, Dana

Of course I still kept it in my prayers, and a few days later I received an email from Dana, a sister from the ASL (she is the one who would accompany me to Clara Luz when I was commissioned to go by Big T) She mentioned that she was without a roommate and asked if I was still interested…..WAS I??? I went out in service with her this morning (Yay first day of track work!) and then she showed me the apartment.  It is a little far off from town, but that complex is beautiful and very safe, and it just felt right!  We get on great together and we will both be in the ASL so that’s a plus! It just goes to show we are expected to make ourselves available, put forth our best effort, but then we need to wait on Jehovah and he will always come through!

7 days to go!  I am so excited!  Today there are two sisters from NY coming to serve here for a year and they will be renting out my studio while I am in the states.   So I will stay at the Bells for next week and then CALI HERE I COME!  Alright, so this means for all of you out there interested in serving here there are many places to stay.  My studio will be open.  $150.00 includes a fully furnished studio, water, electricity, and even cable! The 2 bedroom next door to me will be open soon too.  It’s not furnished but it is a decent size. It is just under $300.00 including utilities.  My landlady also just built another studio downstairs, fully furnished, for about $175.00 .  And don’t forget if you are interested in staying just for a short time that both Marty and The Bells offer a Bed & Bath for $10 per person per night.

Well life is going pretty good right now, I must say.  I thank Jehovah for all these blessings and I am truly in debt to all who have made my adventure as wonderful as it is.  So, without further delay, on with the pictures!

photo 2 (2)

Awww!! English Congregation, you guys are all so cool!
(left to right: Jessica, Hanna, Rachel, Sarah, Madison with her dad behind, Janet, Amber, Brandon, Adela, Alexis and Esmirna)

Alexis and Janet wanted to stop by the Orphanage before they went back to California to say good bye to the kids they grew attached to.  It was a little sad to see them say good bye, they are such good kids.

photo 2

Watching the videos for kids in Spanish on Jw.org

photo 3 (2)

Yanira looking beautiful

photo 4

Yes, super adorable…..but all trouble.


photo 5

This came out strange…anyways
(Left to right: Esmalin, Me, Alexis, Yordaliza, Janet, Yizel, Yanira and Esteban.)


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  1. Ah I’m so glad you were able to find a roommate AND keep your goal of joining sign when you get back 🙂 That really does show that Jehovah knows what he’s doing! Hope you have an awesome time visiting back home.

  2. That is extremely awesome we just need to keep serving Jehovah and relying on his wonderful ability to care for our every need . Its so interesting how us humans can sometimes underestimate Jehovah’s capabilities to provide for our needs, numerous times I’ve had to just sit and think am I really trusting in Jehovah , and once you take that opportunity to let Jehovah lead your way he blesses you to the fullest degree !

    Thanks so much for sharing this post , it’s very encouraging for me as a young one to keep serving Jehovah with all I have, indeed this is the best place to be!

    Love ya much,

    • Also I had a question for you , what I’d I wanted to come for a couple of months like 3-6 months are those apartments still available and is there a website to the bed and breakfast ?

      • You can stay up to 3 months here I think, but you will have to renew your tourist visa at least once. Bella and Isabel and the other sister Marty don’t have websites, but I stayed at The Bells when I first got here for 2 weeks, wonderful place. Marty is directly across from the English Hall so that is really nice too. You will have a blast at both places. The apartments for rent are on a year contract, and here you have to put in a 2 month deposit not including the first months, so if you pull out before the year you will not get them back. Hope this helps!

  3. Esa!!! im so excited youre coming home to visit!!! I would love to hang out with you on a saturday or sunday…when ever youre available. You have no idea how encouraging your posts are. Im working really hard to reach my goal: Going back to panama. or maybe the DR. You are an amazing example. By the way i saw your grand papa couple months ago he didnt recognize me without the hard hat and glasses hehe then he said “oooooh youre esalenas friend the one that used to sit with her at the lunch tables in madera project for hours just talking…what can you possibly talk about for hours?” lol. well precisely this… our goals to serve where the need is great. and look how far youve come!!! so proud of you. cant wait to see you!!!

  4. Hello Sister.. I just found your blog and started reading this.. So nice to see other brothers and sisters here on this little island, I have been here for a year now.. and im planning on staying for many more.. I live in Sosua, and I was just wonder where is it your staying?

    May Jehovah bless your work.. 🙂

    • Thank you for reading! I am happy you enjoy it. Where are you originally from? Sosua is wonderful, I am super jealous! I live in Santiago and make time for the beach as often as possible! What field you in? Feel free to email, maybe we’ll bump into each other at an assembly 🙂

      • Im from Sweden.. There was a brother in my congregation that were from Sosua, so then when he went back here 2 years ago he asked me if I wanted to go with him, so I did.. And thats how I met my wife, and we go married last year.. I’m in a spanish congregation, and I really enjoy being here.. So I hope I can stay indefinitly.. I just started a business with a brother, a Colmado with a little storage to sell to other colmados also. Where in Santiago do you live? Which part? I have been in santiago like once a week the last two months.. Mostly because of the business… I like the city… Sosua is a little bit to small for me, but it fells good… Who knows, maybe we will.. 🙂

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