I feel…I think I may be homesick…or maybe its just a parasite….


31 DAYS!!!  Today is the first day of the count down.  I have been so busy lately that I haven’t been paying attention to the date.  I have started working  for a second English teaching company, this one out of Moscow.  There is a lot more work involved with this company, but it is better pay.  Also, Teresa had corrective eye surgery done and so I took some of her studies for a couple weeks.  That is an incredibly easy sentence to type, but I can’t even convey how much work it involved.  When you do not have a car it is difficult to get to studies, and they are never close to each other.  Even with the conchos, there is a lot of walking involved.  And not to brag or anything, but it is still incredibly hot here.  Not as bad as the summer,but we went to the beach the other day and it was LOVELY! So taking these studies has been a nice taste of what my new focus will be starting May, once I move to the ASL.  I am looking forward to starting my own studies!

Now that Teresa is back and on here way to recovery she has taken back her studies and I’ve had time to take a breath.  So it would seem logical that this is the perfect time for my laptop to die.  Dead, as in super dead, as in ‘No soup for you!’ dead.  I mean, it really isn’t surprising, since I use it everyday for hours on end, either studying, teaching, blogging, etc.  But I was still completely shocked when it decided to pack up.  What had happened was I had just finished working all day teaching my classes and decided to look up a recipe for dinner.  I went into the kitchen and I heard it go ”etetetehh, sszzzweerrrrmmp!”…..I tried to turn it on…nada.  I probably sat and stared at it for a good hour before it really sunk in.  My whole life, just gone.  I had classes starting the next morning at 7 and I couldn’t even begin to imagine what a dead laptop meant for me.  So I finally snapped out of it enough to do what I always do in times of crisis: GO TO THE BELLS!!!  They helped me stay calm and made sure that I was able to make my classes, and then Gladys (probably the most awesome sister in the whole world) let me borrow her laptop.  I went today to have it checked out, and I was told, “No sirve” because it was just old….I think it may have been a little too technical for me….But I was able to get an enclosure for the hard drive, so at least I still have all my files.

On a lighter note, I gave my first talk last night!!! Whooo, I was soooo nervous.  but it went smooth, thank you Jehovah!  I had written the talk in English, then my house holder, Yasmeli, translated it for me.  Everyone was well impressed! It was a pretty exciting night because it was also announced that the congregation would be moving to the Villa Olympica Kingdom Hall because we were just too big for the current one.  It is very crowded, sometimes the chairs are so close together its difficult to stand for the song!  The first meeting at the new hall will be March 7th, so I will be able to go before my trip home.  They are also hoping to start a group in the Campo.  So some will be moving out to support that.  It is just constantly moving forward here!  If you have had a chance to read some of Aaron’s blog you can see the progress in the English, which is just awe inspiring.

Lately I have been making a special effort to improve the focus of my prayers, ever since the last assembly.  I have decided to make a list of the specific things that I am concerned about, what I think I need, and certain qualities I would like to improve upon.  In less than a month I have been able to check off:

-A second job (and it pays more!)

-Equipment for teaching in ASL

-More studies in the ministry

-Cutting out unnecessary stress

Everything that I am putting into prayer is being met with an answer.  I know I shouldn’t be surprised by this, its just wow!  Jehovah is awesome!  Also, when I receive an answer, even if it is not the one I was hoping for, it is so much easier to accept because I know that I have been praying about it and this is what Jehovah has provided.  Even with the dead laptop I feel I am being blessed.  How many people would lend their laptop to you in an instant for as long as you needed?  If I didn’t have Jehovah’s organization I would be so lost!

Well, with all of this action over here I almost forgot that I will be in California IN 31 DAYS!!!!  I have started a list of things I need to bring back with me, now added to that list is a Laptop.  Along with multi-vitamins, GSE, curtains, Hairspray, body wash, shoes (I’ve had to throw away 3 pairs already!) and a hot shower.  Oh, I guess I can’t bring the last one back with me….

I have been living in this country for almost 10 months, and I can’t say that I have felt homesick.  There have been times that I get overwhelmed with the language barrier, and I wish I could just walk into a store and communicate exactly what I want instead of causing a big scene because the American accidentally ordered a pig head instead of a ham and cheese sandwich.  And sometimes I wish the phrase “let’s go on some studies” would mean, “let’s hop in an air conditioned car and drive to a study” instead of “let’s walk for 20 years and then hop in a smelly, dirty, hot concho with 12 other people and then try to crawl out gracefully in a skirt.”  But these times are few and far between, and I can honestly say that all of it is worth it.  I am thankful to all those here who have made it possible for me to have such wonderful experiences.   It is heartwarming to watch the truth of Jesus’ words in Mark 10:29, 30 come to life for me.  Even though I am thousands of miles away from my family it is as if I stepped right into another one here.  It truly is a blessing to be part of this international brotherhood.

So thank you Jehovah!  He is seriously working overtime for me it seems, I am overwhelmed with all of the blessings!  Like one brother said, if you stay at Jehovah’s table, you can’t run from a blessing!


Out in the Campo on a Study


Teresa and Yoanna


The DVD player given to me by an amazing couple! I am soooo grateful!


Can you believe we are swimming in the ocean in JANUARY!!!!

photo 3

Me, Nikaury and Yasmeli at meeting

Thank you for your emails! I love hearing from the friends and I always reply, so keep them up!  I am looking forward to seeing everyone back home!  31 DAYS TO GO!!


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  1. My Dear Travel Addict: I don’t know why you call yourself that because what you were describing in your blog was totally local. However, that local traveling is a great deal more difficult than traveling in a comfortable bus to the capital. Jehovah and I both appreciate very much your taking such good care of his sheep. Just spoke with Yoanna’s mother and she says they really were going to take her to that meeting but it poured the rain. Where they live, that is just like saying a blizzard came.

    I am very proud of you for looking at the positive. Example, the computer blew up but………..a wonderful sister loaned you her computer. You concentrated on the good that came out of the situation, , the sister having the opportunity to show love and your accepting it with such appreciation.

    You think that you are ready to go back “home”. However, you will find that what you used to think was normal might be a bit strange to you now. Keep looking at the positive and Jehovah’s great protection and blessing and you will continue to have success in your life and in your ministry. It is a pleasure to share with you. Con mucho carino, Teresa,

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