Dinosaurs! RAAWWRRR!!


DINOSAURS!! The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Jarabacoa is Jurassic Park and Dinosaurs. In fact,  The waterfall Salto Jimenoa Uno was used in a scene of the movie.  With absolutely breathtaking views of giant green mountains and magnificent waterfalls, it is no wonder that this is my favorite place on the whole Island.  When I first visited the Dominican Republic last year we stayed in Jarabacoa for the first 5 days, and I remember how sad I was to say goodbye.

It is no surprise that Jarabacoa has become a tourist hot spot; there is so much to do!  Horseback riding, hiking, river rafting, paragliding and loads more.  Yesterday I was able to go and visit for the first time since last year.  Isabel and Bella took their guests who are staying with them, Michelle and Maurice up to visit a sister there, and they stayed the night on Sunday. Then Marty, Aaron, Graham and I headed up early Monday morning to meet them for lunch.  It was a bit of a kufuffle getting there since you first have to get a bus to La Vega and then from there you take another bus to Jarabacoa, but we made it just the same.  To give you guys and idea of what travel costs here, I had to take a concho from my house to the guagua station: 20 pesos. Then the bus to La Vega: 80 pesos.  From La Vega to Jarabaco: 90 pesos.  moto concho to the sister’s house: 25 pesos.  So the trip up the only cost $5.30 usd!

For a late lunch we went up the mountain to Jamaca de Dios, a fancy restaurant with a amazing view.  Graham and Aaron thought that they would take motos all the way up the side of the mountain.  So we sent them off and followed in the car.  However, once we arrived at the entrance to the mountain, there the boys were, slightly dejected: no motos allowed.  So we cram them in the car with us and attempt to chug up the mountain.  When the car made a funny noise and stopped, I took that as a sign that we needed to get out before we ended up rolling back down.  So Laurine ( a super sweet sister from Santa Barbara, CA visiting her Aunt Jovita who lives here) and I made the trek up the mountain with the boys.  It was definitely worth the effort, the view was breathtaking.  As we were enjoying our meal we could see Para-gliders launching off the mountains and some even coming quite close to us!  Also, it was actually cold up in the mountains, in fact they had to light their deck heaters for us.

It was a great day.  Unfortunately the ASL group there has been struggling because there isn’t as much need, otherwise I would seriously think about moving.  I hitched a ride back with the Bells and played the Jurassic Park theme for the rest of the day.  Check out these awesome pictures!

Laurine, me and the boys (I was uncomfortable with the invasion of personal space)

Laurine, me and the boys (I was uncomfortable with the invasion of personal space)

Strike a pose!

Strike a pose!

Graham lookin pretty conspicuous....

Graham lookin pretty conspicuous….

Trust Aaron to capture the worst face I pull all day.

Trust Aaron to capture the worst face I pull all day.

Laurine has an AMAZING instant camera

Laurine has an AMAZING instant camera


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  1. Hi! Just started reading your blog. Teresa actually emailed me a link to it. I was in DR in the Santiago/Pekin ASL group last year from Nov thru February. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading about your adventures. As someone who also went to the DR solo I can somewhat sympathize with your struggles. Its so encouraging to see how Jehovah has blessed and supported you. I’m happy to read that you are joining ASL. The congregation and group is amazing, as I’m sure you are aware. My plans to go back have recently fallen through, at least for now. 🙂 Reading your experiences and seeing some of my old friends keeps my goals fresh in my mind, so thank you so much. May Jehovah continue to bless and support you.
    Your Sister,

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