Needgreaters UNITE!


GO GO GO!!!! Oh my I have been on the go for weeks now!  My trip to Samana was wonderful and I really was happy to see my friend Lauren Rodriguez and meet all the friends there.  That Friday I headed back down to the Capital to meet up with Teresa, Marty, Alexis and Janet.  Once with Teresa the hurricane began!  We traveled to Higuey, Bavaro and La Romana.  The family Marty and I stayed with we lovely.  They also had this AMAZING Rottweiler named Nixon   He chilled up on the roof and even let me up there to ‘snuggle’ with him!  The beach was beautiful, the best yet.  Sunday on the way home we stopped at Ikea and ran around like rats in a maze.  It was a good trip, but I was happy to get home to my own bed.

January 1st was La Zurza’s pioneer meeting.  It was very encouraging.  We had it at an elder’s house and then after had a delicious lunch.  I can’t believe its 2013!  Who thought I would make it??  Well I am looking forward to an amazing year; we’ll see what Jehovah has in store for me.

Friday was the English Annual Pioneer Meeting! Lauren, her roommate Bailey, and a young sister in the ASL named Lala all came from Samana and stayed with me for the weekend.  They came on Thursday so we could go to the pioneer meeting in Villa Gonzalez.  The meeting was wonderful!  There were so many good points.  The nice thing about going to the English is that most who serve in the English are needgreaters, so they present specific points directed to ‘self-sustaining missionaries’.

And can I just say that the Dominican Branch just knows how to do it.  They respond to all emails in about 3-4 days and they take such good care of us needgreaters.  There is so much work to be done in this country, in every language!  They are begging ‘the master of the harvest to send out workers’ and when you come they view you as an answer to a prayer.  (Luke 10:2)   So!! If anyone reading this has ever desired to expand their ministry, please please write the Dominican branch and see what you can do!  They need help in Spanish, English, Chinese, Russian, Italian, ASL, and Creole.  Legally, your tourist visa ($20) will allow you to stay in the country for 1 month.  You can renew it for a second month once here if you want.  But please, make it a matter of prayer, and if you make yourself available you can be sure Jehovah will bless you.

The assembly, Safeguard Your Mind was just amazing.  I feel encouraged and rejuvenated to put even more into my ministry here and to take full advantage of this wonderful privilege. They read a letter from the branch addressed to all needgreaters expressing their appreciation and love for us which brought a tear to everyone’s eyes.  The Needs of the Circuit focused on everyone making sure to take the time to encourage young ones in the congregations.  Many congregations are made up of those who are relatively new to the truth, and so a special effort is needed to continue to encourage and help the younger ones to progress.  I am so excited to put all of the points into practice!  So again, another faith-strengthening assembly provided by our loving Father Jehovah.  I am so grateful.

After the Assembly I was invited to attend Brother and Sister Thrasher’s Big Bash.  What a privilege.  There were about 50-60 brothers and sisters there from all over, all of them needgreaters.  After we associated and ate a delicious meal, they interviewed different ones and it was just so very encouraging.  Jehovah has taken such good care of me, but its moments like those that truly make you step back and really see what He has provided.  Where else would you find such an international brotherhood made up of  the truest kind of Love?  Only in Jehovah’s organization, and I feel so blessed to be included in it.

There is a lot happening this year.  I get to visit California March 12th for nearly 3 weeks.  I will get to be home for the Memorial and for the Circuit Assembly! I’m so very excited.  I am hoping to stay about a week in New York on the way back here so I can visit the Bethel for the very first time!  I can’t wait!  Also, when I moved here I told myself I would stay in the Spanish congregation for 1 year, and then after I would decide where I wanted to serve.  I have decided to serve in the ASL group here in Santiago.  My year in Spanish will end in April.  So starting May, I will officially be in the ASL group!!!

Also, my lease for my studio is ending in April and, after lots of prayer, I am fairly certain I would like to move into a 2-bedroom and have a roommate.  Living on my own has been wonderful and horrible all at the same time.  I have learned so much about myself and I feel that it has forced me to rely upon Jehovah more than ever, so I am grateful for the experience.  However, I think it’s time for me to have a roommate and to have an apartment I do not feel embarrassed about inviting people over to.  So!  If anyone is interested in serving here, let me know!  Even if just for a month or two, I’m open for opportunities.  I’ll continue to pray about it and let Jehovah direct matters, but like I said, this year is all about changes!  I’m looking in the area closer to the English hall, because if I feel like adding in an English meeting, I don’t want it to be too much of a hassle.  Plus, being closer to the English congregation is great association, they have a wonderful congregation.

So that is all I have for now, thanks for your comments and emails!  2 more months to go and I’ll be back in the USofA! It will be nice to see everyone, I do miss y’all loads!


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