Smuggle’n Some English!


la foto 1 (9)


I love it when it’s the Circuit Overseer visit for the English.  It gives me a good excuse to sneak off to the English.  And lately, this has been exactly what the doctor ordered! Brother Simone and his wife are so wonderful and encouraging!  Tuesday night I was making my trek to the English hall, and just as I was making the homestretch a brother and sister pull over and offer me a ride.  I hop in and we exchange the usual pleasantries, ‘how are you’, ‘where you from’, ‘ are you visiting’, etc.  Well I didn’t recognize them, and they said they were visiting.  I said how exited I was to meet the new C.O. and his wife, and how I hoped I wouldn’t get busted for crashing the English just for the week.

Anyways, we arrive and I’m getting out of the car, saying hello to everyone, when I realize that everyone is saying hello to someone behind me…Turns out this couple was the C.O. couple!!!! We had a laugh about it, but I just don’t understand why I am always surprised these things happen to me.   I was even allowed to listen to the Pioneer meeting on the Wednesday.

Wednesday…That was a monster day, let me tell you! I think I must have cover 100 miles by foot, and 50 by concho in my run around the city ping-ponging from different appointments!  It was also the last day of the semester for New York Center.  My Clear Speech class was actually a good group and it was a little sad to say good bye.

Clear Speech

Robinson Looking Too Cool

Robinson Looking Too Cool

End of semester gives me a break from my Spanish class too.  Robinson is a pretty good teacher since he puts up with my horrible and slow Spanish.  Classes will start back up the 7th of January.  So I decided to take a little trip away for the first time since I’ve moved here.  My friend from California, Lauren Rodriguez, just moved to Samana and is serving in the ASL.  I am excited to go and visit Samana, we had such a good time when we visited last year.  So I leave Monday and I will stay 4 days and then meet up with Teresa in Santo Domingo for our road trip to the East for that weekend.   It is sure to be THE BEST TRIP EVER!!!  Or something like that.  I’ll let you know how it turns out!  Mean while, here are some photos to entertain!

Yes…Yes, that is a shopping cart full of chicken…Live chickens..

My First ASL Meeting!

The two on the left have a deaf sister who Teresa studies with. And the girl on the left is Kimberly’s cousin who is deaf. They love snoopin’ in my phone for pictures, so I made them let me take on of them!

la foto 3 (6)

Britney (taking the photo) came to visit, so we went out to dinner at Tiramisu!

la foto 5 (6)


English Ministry
la foto 4 (13)

We got a little lost…



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