Ummm….What’s a Pocket?


Well I guess the news as of late is a small, fat, snorting ball of fluff named Pocket.  Pocket is a dog, and he is….here.  When Marty and Aaron headed back to the States to take care of their residency visas they left Pocket with Bella.   Well now that Isabel is back with Ringo, you can imagine the chaos the comes with having three house dogs.  Also, Pocket and Ringo are ‘varones’ so there is a lot of urination happening…Yeah.

Well I was asked to take care of Pocket until Marty and Aaron return, and I of course accepted.  Because, even though Pocket is severely old, smelly and constantly shedding…He is kinda cute, with his massive ears and his lil chunky self. But what gets me is just how weird he is!  He is always there under your feet and making strange noises and FARTING!  I know he can’t help himself really, I mean he did have excessive exposure to Aaron..(insert clever laugh)  Well we are getting on quite  well.  I just wish he would stop shedding.  But I think I’ve come up with a solution!

After just one night with Pocket…









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  1. Oh Pocket, he looked a little sad with the bag on his back. He is so cute. I love ur story about Pocket. Thanks for the laugh before work 🙂

    • Well he was a little concerned when I was putting it on him. It actually has holes cut out for his back legs and tail…I was very much tempted to keep it on him, but in the end I figured Marty and Aaron wouldn’t appreciate that too much. Plus he made a lot of noise moving around!

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