Clara Luz, Do You Remember When We Would Come and Visit You?


This is my routine when I go on Clara Luz’s study every Friday with Teresa.  First I walk to where I can catch an “N” car and that takes me just a few blocks from the Kingdom hall where the Sign Language Group meets in Pekin.

Then Teresa and I drive to Clara Luz.  It’s a bit of a rough neighborhood, and not very clean.  We have to find the chairs, that are usually being used by the other kids.  We give Clara the most sturdy one and find a flat, clear area to conduct the study.

Clara luz’s House

This is Clara Luz’s house, though it’s not much of a house.  The shallow gutter that comes down from the alley there carries every kind of unsanitary fluid…I’ve seen so much flow down to the drain, it makes me cringe.




Just some pictures of us and Clara Luz.  She has be developing such a personality!  Sometimes when we are trying to teach a certain point, out of no where she just starts laughing and giggling and we have to give that point a rest.  I would love to know what’s got her tickled!


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  1. Since “Hurricane Teresa” has been mentioned so many times and appeared so many times in this blog, I decided that it was time for her to say her piece. First, I would very much like to say that a hurricane requires lots of wind and rain to be designated a hurricane. My “wind and rain” come from feeling deeply the needs of these 1. deaf and blind 2. deaf 3.These beautiful youth (and many who are just young-at-heart) who travel on a dime to support the tremendous preaching and teaching work done in DR. Besides the phenomenal strength that comes from Jehovah’s spirit, they all give me “wind and rain” to attempt to keep my Class 4 hurricane moving constantly.

    You are all welcome to come and join our year-round “hurricane season” “Step over into Macedonia” and you will be greatly blessed with the calm that comes before the storm of Armageddon, just enough calm for us to get the necessary work done, get the deserving ones inside the organization before the doors and windows are all boarded up to weather the storm. Afterwards, we will experience the eternal calm of Jehovah’s promised paradise where there will be no deaf and blind. We will use our hurricane force to re-build the earth. “Hurricane ” Teresa

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