Friday Is ‘Hurricane’ Teresa Day


Friday’s are my long day in service with Teresa and they are usually filled with equal parts encouraging experiences, wacky Teresa-isms, and new things learned.  Teresa has 30 years of experience living and serving in this country and has a wealth of knowledge she is always ready to share.  We start the day with our study with Clara Luz and that always gives you an experience worth relating.  During the study this time three of the local neighborhood boys decided to watch what was going on.  So we had them pull up a chair and explained the process of using the book to teach Clara Luz.  They were very impressed.

Something I have learned with Teresa is to always include anyone who is even the smallest bit interested and to take the time to teach them as well.  Preaching is ASL is not limited to only finding those who are deaf.  Clara was, as always, inspiring.  She seemed a little tired, but was able to prepare a comment for the meeting.

The next study we go on is with Sara who has been studying with Teresa for some time.  After stopping for lunch and a rest, we head back out for two more studies.  By the time we finish its 8:30pm and we are starving.  Instead of getting a real dinner like most normal people, we decided on a chocolate croissant at a little bakery on the way home.  So worth it!  Today I am planing to go to my first actual Sign Language meeting, so I will have more to share I’m sure.

This is the common area in the missionary home where Teresa lives.

One thing that always hits me is when I look at what I’m doing.  I mean, who gets to work with a missionary every Friday?  What I have learned from Teresa is so invaluable, I am truly thankful to Jehovah.  We serve such a loving God, and this world wide brotherhood we should never take for granted.  Also, today’s day’s text is a wonderful reminder: [God’s] will is that all sorts of men should be saved and come to an accurate knowledge of truth.—1 Tim. 2:4.

So, when we are out preaching or are busy in our daily activities, we should feel impelled to “exert ourselves in the ministry, not primarily because of a time limit, but because we want to honor God’s name and help people to come to know his will.”  You learn to appreciate these words so much more here because the opportunities to apply them are everywhere.  If you want to expand your ministry, COME!  There is a need in every language- Spanish, English, ASL, Chinese, Creole, Russian, Italian and French!  You can be sure wherever you serve you will be useful and have wonderful experiences to share.  Just a small recruitment speech…I’m done now.


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