Moving to the Dominican Republic to Serve Where the Need is Great


Gladys teaching young Bible student to read.

Well I am finally back in my own place but still taking it easy.  Bella and Marty have been life savers and I appreciate them so much.  I’ve been feeling better these past couple days, but I wasn’t allowed out of the house because my immune system was pretty much shot.  Yesterday, however, after slowly spiraling myself into an overwhelmed mess with thoughts of all the things I had to do and get back on track with, I tried to sneak out of Bella’s while she was out.  Sure enough, soon as I rounded the corner of the street, there she was! I almost escaped!  She allowed me to go and sort some things out back home like empty the dishwater that was in the sink and take out the trash, but told me to come back for dinner at least, seeing as I had no food back at my place.

This morning I need to do laundry, clean house, organize service and meeting bags, make a schedule, etc.    But there is no electricity! I connect my router to my since-plug generator so my internet is still functioning, but no washing machine, arrggg….At least the weather cleared up, its back to all sun here on the island.  I think next month I need to do another beach run.  There is this resort that goes on sale for crazy cheap, like $12 a night, all inclusive that I am waiting for.  That would be a blast!

What I am really exited about is getting to go back out in service, especially with Teresa in the ASL.  I miss it sooo much! I’ve been practicing my Sign and Spanish while I was locked up so I’m ready to go!  Also the comments I’ve received from this blog are so encouraging, I makes me want to put more effort into keeping it updated. If you haven’t had a chance to read Aaron and Marty’s blog, then do so.  They had to head back to the states yesterday to sort out residency visas but should be back next month.  I’ll miss them!….well, at least Marty…

Well, on reflection of my decision to serve here in this country, I truly feel that it has drawn me so much closer to Jehovah.  It gets hard at times, and you begin to miss certain things when you realize you will never have them here, but it is all worth it when you go out in the ministry and find those interested ones.  For me, this whole adventure so far has been worth it just to meet Clara Luz.  You sacrifice so much, but you gain more.  It helps to read articles and experiences.  This one was helpful in encouraging you keep focused:

Joyfully Serving Where the Need Is Greater

  Moving to a country where there is a need for more Kingdom proclaimers is a big step. But remaining in a foreign field year after year often requires much effort and self-sacrifice. Many of our brothers and sisters have met these challenges with great fortitude and joy.

  Arthur and Roberta Gonzalez, for example, came from the United States to serve in Belize with their three-year-old son, Dalton, in 1989. “The biggest challenge,” admits Roberta, “was leaving a secure, well-paying job to live in a country where so many people are out of work.”

  “Yes,” confirms Arthur, “you have to trust in Jehovah. Reading in the Bible about Abraham, I’m amazed at how he went out from his home, family, and everything he knew. But Jehovah took good care of him. One challenge we faced was getting our ears tuned to Belize Creole. But we relied on Jehovah, and he took care of us.”

  Frank and Alice Cardoza came from California in 1991 to pioneer in Belize. “Reading the book of Acts,” says Frank, “made me want to be a missionary. But because we have four children, I knew we would never qualify for Gilead School. So when our youngest daughter finished her schooling, we saw the opportunity to move to another country. When we read in The Watchtower about Belize, we made up our minds.”

  “I agreed to try it for three years,” says Alice. “Now we’ve been here for 18 years, and I love it!”

  “We love people, and we love to work,” adds Frank, “so it’s easy for us to draw close to those who love Jehovah. Starting more studies than we could handle and seeing people respond to the truth has made these the best years of our life. We would not give up this privilege for all the money in the world.”

  Carl and Martha Simons moved from Texas to Belize in 1988. “Our two children were ten and eight years old when we moved,” says Martha. “In Belize we spent entire days preaching together with the congregation in villages in the bush. We also worked together on the construction of the Assembly Hall, and we always had a house full of brothers and sisters staying with us during the assemblies. We are grateful that we could raise our children here, because they associated with special pioneers and missionaries. Yes, there were times when we felt like getting on a plane and leaving—times without electricity, running water, batteries, and telephones. But if we had to do it again, with all the ups and downs, we would do it. Our lives have been enriched because of serving where the need is greater.”

When you read about ones who have made the sacrifice, even with all of their own obstacles and supposed barriers, it makes you want to look at your own circumstances.  Because if you are willing, determined and have love for Jehovah and people, he will find a way to bless your efforts.  I know I couldn’t have made it this far if it wasn’t for Jehovah’s help, and when I reflect on that I feel strengthened to opened you never even knew existed.


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  1. Esa! I needed this! Thank you so much for being a great example to others! Im even more determined to work hard towards my goal! Thank you thank you thank you! Love ya. please take care!

    • Betsy! I’m so glad you are working toward your goal! I hope I’ve been able to help with just what to expect from an experience like this, because to me the unknown is the worst part. But seriously, you come to rely more on Jehovah than ever before, and he never fails to provide! Best wishes!

  2. By the way, amazing what teresa has been able to accomplish with clara luz! this should go on this years yearbook. i got so excited when she finished spelling out her name!

    • I know! She has been working with her for just over 2 years. Clara can do it more clearly, but there was a lot of distraction and she was definitely upset that the one letter was missing its magnet!

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