Oh My! Its Cold!


Well, tropical storm Sandy is making her way into becoming a hurricane and the skies are showing it!  The past week it has been really windy and the mornings and nights have been really cold! COLD! In the D.R….man, never really thought that would happen.  But its a nice break from the heat.  

This Saturday I was supposed to go on a trip to the South with Teresa and into Haiti for some preaching.  I was super excited, we would come back on Tuesday and I would have had the experience of a lifetime…and then I got sick last Thursday.  Worst headache I have ever experienced, body aches for days, fever and pains all up in the stomach region.  I went to a class Saturday morning because I had already agreed to sub, and I felt horrible.  In fact, had to rush out of the class to go throw up.  The kids were remarkably considerate and behaved quite well.  

So I go to see a brother who is a doctor at the hospital and he orders me a blood and urine test.  Turns out I have a mild version of Dengue Fever. ‘Tis the season apparently.  Well I was fully intending on hiding in my bat cave and waiting it out, but Marty and Bella had different ideas and kidnapped me to stay with them.  I am so great full for these amazing sisters! They are invaluable to me.  Another sister made me this concoction of Guava and Bell Pepper that is supposed to bring up your blood platelet levels.  Not the best tasting stuff, but it works! This morning is the best I’ve felt all week.  The nasty headache was still raging, but I just woke up around 5pm and I think the fever finally broke.  I feel amazing right now compared to the last week.  

All I can say is thank you Jehovah for this amazing organization.  The self-sacrificing spirit shown here is unbelievable and I feel so privileged to be apart of it.  I will update soon, sorry its been so long.  Thank you for all your comments and love.


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