What a Privilege!


I’ve been so incredibly blessed these past 2 weeks. Teresa has been in the States, and before she left she asked if I could take care of her Bible student, Clara Luz. At first, when she asked me, I was terrified and thought of saying no. After all, making return visits and Bible studies here is a whole lot different than back home, especially if you don’t have a car. You have to think of where the call is and which concho you think will get you the closest, and often it takes more than one.

So when Teresa asked, I was thinking of all of this, as well as the fact that I’m just now learning Sign and feel ridiculously under qualified. Well I ended up saying yes because I absolutely love this little girl and I really enjoy working with her. And let me tell you, best decision.

There is a sister recently arrived here named Dana, from Alabama, and working with the Sign who has been going on the study with me. It was hilarious how we managed to get lost the first two times looking for the house, but we got it down now. We get on really good and we both love Clara Luz. However, yesterday’s study was quite the experience.

When we arrived yesterday it was to find Clara Luz in the house and her younger brother and sister out in the front yard. The mother had left and locked the gate so the children couldn’t get out, but also we couldn’t get in. So Georgie says to go into the neighbor’s front yard and climb the side fence since it’s shorter, all in her very adult manner of speaking. (she can’t be older than 5)

So we get in and wake up Clara Luz so she can get herself sorted out. On the way out to the front porch where we study we notice the little brother, about 2 years old had not only peed in his pants, but also had pulled them down to do a poo on the porch…and he’s standing there completely filthy, with no shoes…and your heart just goes out to these kids. Georgie had to go into the trash to find some small bags to use as gloves and a used take out container to pick up the remarkably large pile and throw it away. They don’t have much water, so we have to use the hose to slowly fill up a bucket drop by drop to clean the area. She found sone bleach and we cleaned it as best we could, and not a minute too soon because Clara came round the corner taking the familiar path to where we are.

It’s experiences like these that make you long for Jehovah’s new world to hurry and come. We had a great study learning about Noah and counting how many people survived the flood. I’ve enjoyed this study immensely, but I’m not going to lie, I’m looking forward to Teresa coming back!




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