Safeguard Your Conscience…Jehovah Provides


Another amazing Assembly!  This time I knew a lot more people, so I was able to flit around saying hello to everyone.  Also, I was pretty impressed with my note-taking skillz.  I dully dedicated each part its own page and filled it with only the exception of the last talk.  (that one only got half a page, but I thought I deserved a small break for my writing hand)  !!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!—- My favorite point made all day was this:  What our conscience allows us to do is direct proofof our love for Jehovah, and how close our relationship with Him is. —END OF SPOILER

What a day!

The Lovely Isabel

The wonderful and encouraging sisters from Santiago English and me!

I rode with Isabel, Britney and Marty and Aaron to the Assembly Hall.  And by the way, I just have to say that Marty and Aaron are AMAZING!!  I have to say that partly because my blog made it to the East Coast (what WHAT!!) and they read it. 😛  But seriously, the truth is, Jehovah provides.  They arrived Friday and have moved here to serve and I have adopted myself into their family. Right now they are staying at the Bells until they find a place of their own.  Marty speaks fantastic French and wants to support the Creole and Aaron might support ASL.  I’m super happy to have a music freak I’m on the same page with, you know the page that has Jack, Jason and Sara.

It was the end of the day and super windy, and still Marty pulls it off! How DOES she do it?

Isabel leaves in a week to the States and she can’t wait.  She is taking Ringo, so I’ll have to check in on Candy since she’ll be a little on edge with Pocket. (Marty’s dog)  Teresa has been in the States for the past week and had asked me to take her study with Clara Luz twice a week.  It has been such a privilege and the sister who goes with me, Dana, has been amazing.  Everything seems to be falling into place, I couldn’t have asked for a better start to the new Service Year.  I am improving my ministry in the Spanish since I have two return visits and one Bible Student.  Also, I made an off-the-cuff comment at meeting the other night (of course I had the brother sitting next to me approve it first) since my prepared answer was taken.  I have prayed on studies in Spanish and in Sign.  I’m sorta like a real pioneer again!

Saturday I did an all-day service day in the Campo, AWESOME!  It is incredibly cool how this works.  We meet at 8:00 am here at the hall.  Then we drive out to the Campo and preach.  At noon we all meet at the Kingdom Hall up there for lunch and a much needed rest, then its back out for studies.  There is only one brother who lives in the area, so although there is a local Salon del Reino, the meetings are made up mostly of my congregation. They go up there every Tuesday and Saturday to preach and invite everyone and then to conduct the meetings for those who come.  Truly inspiring.  Also, I pet a bull!! YEah!

Gladys: You name it, she can do it!

So I’ll try to keep y’all posted.  You can also follow me on Instagram @memockingjay.  I’m so excited this blog is reaching so many people!  I hope it provides good entertainment, but mostly encouragement for all to find ways to expand their ministry.  It is the only way to be able to fully understand that if you try just a taste, you will without fail see that Jehovah is good! (Psalms 34:8)


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