Well I haven’t posted in a while so there is lots to update ya’llz on.  First and foremost, HURRICANE ISAAC! It was said to make landfall on the DR last Wednesday.  There was constant thunder, loud enough to disrupt my online classes.  But it did not start to get windy until Friday.  They are calling it a “Monster Storm” since most are usually around 200 miles wide and this one is around 600 miles wide!  The city has been on Red Alert since Thursday.

It is supposed to have passed the Island now, but this morning the skies are completely white and the winds are howling still.  Apparently there was less rain than expected, so hopefully the flash flooding wasn’t too bad.

As if a hurricane messing up my week wasn’t bad enough, I’ve been sick for a full week now!  I didn’t know what it was, but I was wiped out! So finally the Bells convinced me to go to the ER (I really didn’t want to go…I HATE needles) and it turns out I had food poisoning and the flu. YAY….With the vomiting and diarrhea I was totally dehydrated.  So they had to put me on an IV…in other words, stick a big ugly needle inside me!  They had to do a blood test too to check for Dengue Fever, another nasty needle.  But its all over now, and I am just stuck on the Bells’ couch taking meds.


Well, I’m being taken care of here, no worries with that.  It is just a pain to happen in my last month for the service year!  I wanted to finish strong!  Well, hopefully I will get better by today and get to go out starting tomorrow.  That’s my goal at least.  The good news is that it was very inexpensive compared to the states and with not having any Health Insurance, 6k pesos (about $150usd)  And the best part is that I don’t have to pay any of it because I’m covered up to $10k usd on my trip insurance! YAY!

That’s all I got for you now, besides its medication time!

The Joys of Hurricanes and Food Poisoning!


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