I’ve Just Had my Mind Blown….


Today is the first day I have been out in service with Teresa in the Sign since forever.  She has been in the States and just got back a week ago, so we made plans together.  I forgot how much I really enjoy the sign ministry.  Today I got to finally meet the young deaf and blind girl that inspired ‘The Book.’  When Teresa asked me to help her with the book I just couldn’t get my mind around how someone blind and deaf from birth would understand this book.  But now I understand…Jehovah.  Also, she is incredibly smart.  In fact watching her made me feels so stupid.

When you first meet her she touches every part of you; your fingers, nails, hands, clothes, hair, everything.  And then  you tap a part of her, and then she will tap the same part on you. I learn that its a game as she giggles, tugging on your hair or ear, and waiting for you to do the same to her.  What Teresa has accomplished with her is amazing.  Teresa will give her the book to feel the different scenes.  Then Teresa will have her put her hands on hers as she signs, this way she can “see” what is being signed.  And she gets it on the first try usually.  Then she will grab my hands and make me do the signs because she loves to teach.  Amazing.  She put some of the hand sanitizer on me, and I didn’t ‘say’ thank you, so she took my hands and made the sign with them!  Incredible.  A deaf/blind girl is teaching me manners!  It was so very humbling, and for the first time I really appreciated the scripture in Isaiah 35:5- “At that time the eyes of the blind ones will be opened, and the very ears of the deaf ones will be unstopped.”


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