La Playa!!!


Saturday was a very much deserved beach day!  Josue had organized a bus to take everyone, and it was a great price.  $300 pesos there and back, which works out to like $7.50 usd, and it was about 2 hours away.  ItI  was really nice because none of the brothers and sisters that went spoke English, so I got to talk in my broken Spanish and get some practice.  I got to bond with some of the friends I don’t see s.  

The beach we arrived at was gorgeous, but we did not stay at that one.  We had to walk this incredibly unsafe bridge to another, more secluded beach.  I played volleyball, checked out some rock pools, received possibly the worst sunburn I’ve ever had, got spied on by a massive bullfrog just chillin’ in a rock…good stuff!  It was absolutely beautiful, the water was gorgeous, and the friends were good fun.  

Boy was I sore Sunday morning though!  The Bell’s (Isabel and Bella) invited me over for pizza and beer at lunch time, which is always a treat.  The Pizza Hut here is pretty much the best pizza served.  It’s nice that I have this week off because I am able to arrange a schedule for the ministry and house chores and my Spanish practice, not to mention the double study I have to do for meetings and stuff.  I turned in my grades for the two classes that just finished, and Wednesday I find my new schedule.  I’m excited!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage 


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  1. It looks amazing and it’s awesome that you’re having such a great time there 🙂 so happy for you! I just got back home on Thursday and it stinks I couldn’t get in touch with you while I was there 😦 BUT I am planning on going back in September for a lot longer so we will for sure meet up then 😀 the country just sucks you in!!

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