The Struggle


I have been in the Dominican Republic for almost two months now, and what is my overall estimation of the whole experience? I think I have decided this:  Life is amazingly easy in some ways here, yet incredibly difficult in others.  I think my body is starting to get used to the change, however come noon, I am still finding myself switch off for nap time.  The weather is getting increasingly hotter, yet today is absolutely gorgeous! It’s a shame I have class this afternoon, its a perfect beach day!  Though, this Saturday I’m going with the congregation so I can wait.

The semester is coming to an end for two of my classes this week, so that will give me a little break before the daily classes start up again.  It will be nice to do some afternoon service for a change.  Last Friday I did a nice long day, door to door in the morning and a few studies with Isabel in the afternoon.  I need to put my application in for the Taller still, but it is in Spanish and I need to take the time to fill it out with a translator.  Also I have to wait until my card is moved to this congregation and that takes a little while.  So hopefully next month I will be set. 

Also I think I am starting to feel the effects of attending meetings in a foreign language.  I do my best to study up in both English and Spanish so when I am at the meeting I can fully understand what is being said.  But it definitely is not the same as going to meetings in your own language.  I think I need to make a visit to the English every so often.   Teresa has gone to the States, so I haven’t gone out in the Sign for a while.  I’m going to call up Denise and go out with her though because I miss the service, it is really fun!  

So that is all the news for now, here are some pictures for ya!



This picture really doesn’t do the situation justice…even with an umbrella, every part of your being will get soaked…as well as all of my books, exams, etc. Yep that was a fun day…


Again, this picture doesn’t do the scene justice. I had decided to walk home from the Institute instead of taking a concho. It was a long walk, but I got to see this in the late afternoon sun, with the warm breeze blowing and the sounds of city life starting up. It was a good feeling.



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  1. Hey I totally understand how you feel about adjusting to foreign language. I know it must be hard for you because at least when I made the change to Chinese we were still a group so there was some English back-up. Trips to English meeting every once in a while can definitely be good 🙂 I also appreciate this count-down to U.S. return that you have up! See you in 8 months. By then your Spanish will be FANTASTICO!!!

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