The Taller


So Wednesday I was finally brave enough to call the brother in charge of the Bethel Workshop here in Santiago.  I had been putting it off because I knew it would be a lot of hard work!!  His name is John and his wife and him have been working there for 14 years!  They have the Taller every Wednesday and Friday.  He arranged for a brother, Scott and his wife Nancy, to pick me up from the McDonald’s in town.  I had no idea how to get down that way, so I asked my students and everyone had their own opinion on what car was best, but eventually we decided on the A car.  I had to take the Ensueno car to down town and then take the A car that heads into the main part of town.

Scott picked me up as well as Caroline and her husband Manuel who are amazingly nice.  Caroline is 27 but looks younger than me!  Her English is really good because she lived in England for 7 years, so she has an accent.  She is originally from Colombia, but moved to the DR to serve and met her husband.  They are applying to go to the BSCC in July.

So this Taller is where they build things for the Kingdom Halls in the DR as well as Haiti.  They work with a lot of metal.  I was working on the gates for a hall in Haiti.  Sanding and stripping and getting them all ready to be painted.  There was a decent sized crew there, about 30 people I think.  But the best part was LUNCH!!  It was delicious, hands down best meal I’ve had this whole time.  They had seasoned pork chops, flavored rice, fried sweet potatoes, salad, salsa, hot chocolate and tres leche muffins!  So good.  Then we all laid down in the grass or on benches and took our nap or just chatted.  They ring the bell to tell us to get back to work, and everyone groans, but we get up and back to work we go.  Then at 3pm they give us a little snack, and then we work until 5pm.

I really want to go there every Friday since I work on Wednesdays.  So I picked up an application.  I have to get my elders to sign it and if I get approved they will call me.


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  1. I love that any food word is CAPITALIZED!!! But seriously, that’s amazing and I hope that you can pursue some spiritual opportunities and work on your manual labor skills! I’m so happy for you!!

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