2012 “Safeguard Your Heart” District Convention


Last weekend was the convention and I can honestly say that it was the best one I have ever been to.  Seriously, and not just because of the amazing material and council, but just the whole environment.  It was like a mini international.  There were people from all over and every single person wouldn’t be anywhere else in the world.  I met missionaries, Circuit Overseeres, and needgreaters from all over the world.

They had a “Needgreater” Desk set up for anyone who wanted information.  The brother in charge, Bro. Strong, was really funny and super enthusiastic!  Basically he said that there is an unbelievable need in so many fields.  Creole, ASL, Spanish, English, Chinese, and Russian.  They  NEED qualified brothers, because most of the congregations are so new.  Also families.  They need families because many here come in the truth by themselves.   It is not uncommon to see children coming to the meetings all by themselves.  So spiritually strong families would set a beautiful example.

It was so incredibly hot, however.  The Capitol is a lot more humid than Santiago, and the assembly hall has no walls on the two sides.  They have these massive fans on the ceiling that create tornado like wind, so my hair was constantly whipping me in the face.  But all in all, great weekend.  We stayed at the Aquarium Hotel, which was really nice.  realistically we could have comfortable fit 5 people in the room: queen sized bed, cot, and two couches.  And it included a breakfast! YAY FOOD!

We stopped at a restaurant on the way home on Sunday and had a really good time. Mari is a sister from Japan that used to live here for about 7 years.  She moved back to Japan, but she visits for a few months at a time.  She is here now and she is the one who drove me, Bella and Isabel to the Assembly.  She was going to the capitol for the weekend to help with the Chinese group.  The branch wants oriental brothers and sisters, even if they are not Chinese, because they get a better response in the Chinese ministry than the Dominicans.  So it was Mari, Teresa, Isabel, Bella and me all at the restaurant having a good time, laughing, having a beer, talking about the good points brought out and what we enjoyed.  Good times.



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