And She’s Back


Well life has been a little busy as of late.  I am now in my own studio and I just got internet yesterday.  The owner, Dona Wilma, is lovely.  She gave me a T.V., a stool, a side table, and just yesterday a stand for the T.V.  Her daughter has left to go to school in Florida and so she is happy to have me here I think.

This weekend has been…interesting.  Its Election weekend here, so streets and shops all started closing down on Friday.  They vote today and then everything will be closed tomorrow too.  I actually got an email forwarded to me by Teresa that stressed for all visitors and U.S. citizens to stay out of the rallies, stay close to their residence, and to avoid crowds.  Apparently the current party has been in power for a long time and so things are pretty heated here.  The losing side could get pretty violent, that is why the congregation moved its Sunday night meeting to last night.  They also asked that we not go door to door this morning, only studies or calls if necessary.  But its been fairly quiet thus far.

There is a young brother in the congregation, Armando, and he is learning English.   Although he must be nearly 20, but he looks very young and he is very adamant that I bring more people from my congregation to visit.  Every time he sees me he asked who is coming, have I mentioned it to anyone, etc.  So, is there anyone who needs a vacation?  You will absolutely love the congregation, the service, and all the beautiful sceenery!  I was also told about a resort that is only open to foriegners called Lifestyles.  Apparently this is the place to be, everything is included for about $12-$15 a day when it goes on special!  Its on the beach and BEAUTIFUL! Look it up!

After the meeting last night Bella bought me a beer because I commented in Spanish!  I was so nervous, but everyone was so encouraging.  I ended up staying the night at Bella’s because they didn’t want me staying alone just in case, but it was quiet last night, no rallies or shouting in El Ensueno.  Well apart from us, that is.  Ok, so there we were minding our own business when I see something fly in the window and Bella jump up and run to her room, screaming the whole way.  I don’t want them to know how ridiculous I get with bugs, so I put my head down, curl up in a ball and hope it stayed away from me.  But of course that’s not what happens.  I feel it hit my head and that was all I needed.  I’m up in a heart beat, running down the hallway, screaming and shaking my head like a mad woman thinking that blasted beast is in my hair.  This of course makes Bella scream and close her bedroom door, and I, in my frantic state, can’t seem to remember how to work a door nob to any of the other rooms!  Finally Isabel comes in, holding Ringo in her arms, laughing so hard she can barely stand up straight.  She tries to kill it with the fly swat, but misses.  Then it comes running down the hallway toward me! More screaming.  Isabel finally hits it, and flicks it out onto the patio.  She circled its body with a bug killing chalk just in case.  That was possibly the worst night of my life.  We scared Ringo so bad he was shaking, and we couldn’t find Candy for ages because she was outside by the gate and refused to come back in.  So there you have it, Killer Flying Cockroaches.  I think I might have chosen the wrong country to serve….

Well, on a positive note we have our English Convention next week.  It’s in Santo Domingo, so we’ll be staying there.  I want to pop into Ikea after one of the sessions so I can get some things for my place, but we’ll see.  Isabel said that conventions here are fabulous because almost all the speakers are Bethelites or missionaries or C.O.s.  So I’m excited.  

Well that is all to report for now, thanks for reading and commenting, it means the world to me!  

P.S.  The wind gets pretty crazy, this is what it just did to my ceiling a few minutes ago!



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  1. Hi Esa my name is Migdalia Serrano I am your fathers cusin my husband and I are living in North Carolina with Becky and Naty, ask Isabel and Bella who we are….I will talk to you soon I start working now….but it is very nice to hear about your sceen with the roach….I have fobias with them. Will talk to you soon. Love, Mickey

  2. Too funny! I wish I could have seen it first hand. I have been pretty busy with end of school stuff so I haven’t been up up to date on your blog. Tell that brother that an old married lady is dying to come and visit. I am going to save up my pennies from summer school and see if I can come. I’m sure he’ll stop asking now. 🙂 stay safe! Love,Ellen. PS. When I post a comment here, can the whole world see it, or is it private?

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