Ok so today was cram packed full of FUN!  Well not exactly.  I had a teacher’s workshop this afternoon that introduced a new book series for the institute to use called Top Notch.  It was good that I went so I could meet some of the other teachers and get a feel for the school.  I then had to complete an exam that would determine whether or not I was even qualified to teach others English.  I got 97/100 so I wonder what I missed, something super simple and embarrassing no doubt.  I tend to over think questions on exams… well in life in general actually.

Well on a celebratory note, I was faced with a temptation today that I was able to successfully overcome!  While I was talking to Dian from the New York Institute I was able to find what classes I would be teaching.  They want me to teach a Jump Start program for beginners, and that class is from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm, Monday-Thursday.  They also would like me to take over a pronunciation class for a teacher going on maternity leave, and that class is from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm only on Tuesdays and Wednesday’s.  I will also be teaching another pronunciation class Saturday afternoons.  So this is the schedule I had agreed upon since it will only be around 15 hrs a week and I could easily keep up with my pioneering.   Also, Bella had warned me to find the schedule I wanted and stick to it otherwise they will add and add until you have no time to Pioneer.  This is exactly what happened.

They asked if I could sub this Saturday morning for a class.  I said it was fine since its only one Saturday morning..  Then they asked if I could also sub for another class, Monday – Friday, 7:45 am to 12:30 pm for three weeks.  I was so tempted to take it so I could make the bosses happy, make a good impression, the class is only 6 toddlers so I could gain some experience in a class room that’s a little less intimidating, I could do with the extra money, etc.  And I almost said yes, but then remembered that I should always go to Jehovah fist.  So I prayed and thought about it, and the answer was clear…My reason for moving her was to preach.  How can I do that if I’m at work everyday of the week, all day?  So I turned it down and Dian was very supportive, she reminded me that it was good to make that kind of stand now, than to try and be more forceful later on.

I may not always have enough money, but I’m positive Jehovah will provide.

After all the testing and picking up books, and running a few errands, I flag down a Concho.  I get inside and the guy next to me is a brother!  His name is Josias, I had met him on Tuesday when Teresa and I visited his mom who has all kinds of broken bones from a nasty fall she took.   They are a lovely family and they live next door to the Kingdom Hall.

So tonight was my first Spanish meeting and I LOVE THIS HALL!!!  They are all so nice and welcoming and happy and I just love them.  The congregation is called La Zurza, and I know I’m going to forget everyone’s names a million times. (they have some tough names!)  But what was really funny was that, ok, its a lot to sit through an entire meeting in Spanish when you only understand bits and pieces.  So toward the end of the meeting my attention was starting to fade.  The brother starts to give the announcements and its about cleaning the hall, and assembly arrangements etc.  Then I hear the brother say ‘California’ and that immediately jogs me from my Spanish-overload stupor and the next thing I know Isabel is telling me to stand up.  I actually look at her and asked if she was serious, then I notice everyone looking at me.  So I stood rather awkwardly and they all clap! And when these people clap, they clap, and for ages!!  I was pretty embarrassed, Isabel just laughed at me.  So the congregation is lovely.  I can’t wait to get to know everyone better.

Well that’s all I have to report for now.  Thanks for all your comments and emails, I love it!  I go out with Teresa tomorrow for a long day of service and shopping!  I’ll be sure to update you all on whats sure to be an interesting day.

Side note:  If anyone has some super cheap, super quick recipes, I’d love to hear them.  I will only have a little stove top in my studio, no oven.  But I have the electric frying pan as well that Jen lent me.  So anything that stores well for leftover would be perfect!

Side note #2:  This would have been published about 20 minutes ago, but right as I was about to hit publish a massive flying demon of a bug decided to come in through my window and torment me.  I killed it, don’t worry…it just took 20 minutes.  *shudder*


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