Ahhh, Now I Get It!!!


So its 2 p.m. and I just woke up from yet another unplanned nap.  I now understand why most things close at noon and usually don’t open back up until 2/2:30 p.m.  It is nearly impossible with this heat and humidity to stay fully awake after a good meal.  This is probably the main reason why my neighbor will turn his radio on full blast from 9-11 p.m.  Sometimes its even later, but you will notice a lot going on around town well on into the night, and nobody here seems concerned about disturbance of the peace.  They pretty much assume you wanted to hear their music too.  It’s a good thing that I’d sleep sound even if a nuclear bomb went off in my room.

Yesterday was fun, I was able to go out in service with a sister who had learned English with Bella named Jasmeli.  She’s my age and just started regular auxiliary 3 months ago.  I got to read a scripture in Spanish, I was so proud!!  Another thing here is that you feel like you have been out in service for hours, only to find its been about 30 minutes!  Most of the friends here do territory for maybe an hour or two, and then calls, but there usually is that little break at midday.  Some   start up again around 2 or 3 p.m. and go until late.

I met back up with Teresa at 3:30 p.m. and she took me on her Bible studies who are deaf.  I didn’t meet the first one before, she was up in the Campo, but I had gone on Marlisa and Nicole last Saturday.  I really like them a lot.  Marlisa is hilarious.  And Nicole is so smart, she was able to teach me so much of Sign.  We didn’t finish up until around 9:30 pm, although we did stop in between to pay my deposit for my place.  Most places here will charge you what they call the 2 + 1, which is 2 months for the lawyer and for their commission, and then the first month you move in.  If you move out before you lease is up you get 1 month back, but if its after, you will get both.  So I was out 18,000 pesos!

Before Teresa took me back we stopped by Jen’s, since Teresa was going to be taking care of a few things for her while she’s away.  I really wish I had know her longer, her since of humor reminds me of Linda Buerostro! she cracks me up.  And she is so stinkin sweet!  She let me borrow a pot and an electric frying pan while she’s gone back to Canada.  She made me promise not to scratch the Teflon, so I named him Christof! (once I name things I treat them better)

I had actually been feeling pretty rotten during the afternoon so as soon as I got home I was out.  Took a Tylenol and had like 3 glasses of water.  I feel like I’m drinking all the time, but I still feel dehydrated.  It’s because it’s so humid, you sweat everything back out.

This morning I worked with Isabel, it’s the first time she’s been out because of being sick.  She is a lot better now, and Bella too.  Bella still  needs to rest because her stitches are having a hard time of healing.  Probably because she’s always up and doing things.  But the service is so amazing here, so many people are home and they actually let you talk to them!  People here just have a lot of respect for spiritual things still.

Tomorrow I start work!!! It’s just for a workshop and my orientation, but my first class is on Monday, and I’m soooo nervous!  But I just need to keep praying and do it! By the way thanks for all your emails and comments!  And as for sending things here, its probably really expensive.  Someone told me though that you would pay for it to go from you to either New York or Miami, and then I would pay for it to come the rest of the way.  FedEx is one of the companies that comes over here.  So thank you for the offers, and just make sure it’s not too expensive if you send anything or talk with my mom and she can arrange a group package.  I can find pretty much all that I need here. I actually went into Price Smart, which is a Costco for here.  Somethings are more expensive than in the States, like an iron, or a microwave, or pretty much all electronics.  But for the most part I get a really good deal on things over here.


Almost the same food items as back home!



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  1. Awesome Ees! Your spelling and grammar are wack, but I am going to give you a break since you are so tiered and working so hard! School starts soon though so…
    I can’t wait to see pictures of your apartment from the inside.
    Stay out in service!

  2. I love the PriceSmart pictures, it looks like a combination Rancho San Miguel and Costco. Although in a Spanish speaking country I guess most stores would be somewhat reminiscent of Rancho San Miguel, haha! And you read a scripture in Spanish!!! MUY BIEN!!!

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