I Did It!!!!


So yesterday was pretty awesome.   First I was able to go to my first meeting, it was with the English congregation.  Talk was great, everyone was really nice.  I know its going to be so hard with names! I met Raquel and her daughter, Desire, Isis and her sister Cici, the speaker Brother Barron and his wife, Paulette who was originally from Jersey, Cynthia and her cousins Alejandro and Leah, and the family that picked me up, Carlos and Julisa and there two kids Lisa and Carlitas…phew! That’s all the ones I remember.

There was a group meeting for service after the meeting, but I got caught up talking with Cynthia who I really like a lot.  So I got home and Theresa and Jennifer had come over to work on a book that Theresa has created to teach the blind and deaf about the Bible.  Its actually pretty amazing, and I couldn’t see how it would work, but closing my eyes, and feeling the pages that had all kinds of shapes and symbols, I started to understand.  They had one already completed, but the Circuit Overseer had asked to have it for his studies.  

So when I arrived it Theresa was talking about the studio we had found the day before.  I was supposed to call the owner yesterday, but I wasn’t too sure about it, and I thought I would prefer a roommate, and I was just a little wishy-washy about it all.  But Theresa was very excited about it, and so we called and asked to come see the place.  So in the car we all go, Candy too.  It is so close I could walk there in a few seconds, but Bella is still recovering from her procedure and needed to take it easy.  

The owner invites us in to her place and they chat a little and soon we head up to the studio.  I had been praying about it all the night before, because it is a very good deal, it is close to Bella and it’s in the nice part of town.  But I just didn’t want to jump on the first option we came across.  The owner is very nice, I really liked her right away, and since her daughter is moving away to go to school, I think she likes the idea of having me there.  

This time on the tour she throws in that I could pay her to use her washing machine once a week, was very kind, as well as use her patio right off my kitchen whenever I wanted.  Bella, Jennifer and Teresa all loved it and agreed it was a really good deal, so that was all the assurance I needed.  I said I’d bring the deposit tomorrow and that was that!  I move in after my stay with Bella on the 17th.  

When we returned to the house we got to work on the book, and it was really fun.  I really got on with Jennifer, she has a great since of humor, but she goes back to Canada on Wednesday!  She gave some really good advice, like not to chicken out and stay in the English congregation.  So I’ll be sad to see her leave. 

Today is just study and errands day since Monday is not really a service day here.  So when I go to give the owner the deposit for the studio I will be sure to take some pictures for yallz.  


Side note: Lilly Hall…thank you thank you thank you so much for the quilt.  I love it and use it all the time.  I don’t know what I would have done without it.  Thank you!


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  1. Hey Easa! So glad to hear that all is going good and working out so well, your own place and a job that is Awesome! Truly shows Jehovah’s blessings on your efforts. Love you and miss you. So glad we are able to keep in touch with you and hear all about your experiences there. Big Hugs!!

    The Rod’s

  2. hey easa! so great to know u are putting jehovah 1st in all ur decision making.im sure he will continue to bless you.keep it up girl ..love ya

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