Wow I’m Getting Pretty Street Savvy!


I am learning so much everyday here, I can’t believe how I’ve managed to keep up with it all.  I know that I’m praying every second it seams, so I at least I have Jehovah to rely on.  This morning I went out in the Sign Language group with a missionary sister named Theresa.  She has been here nearly 30 years!  And she was so helpful.  I went with her on two of her studies, both were very sweet and helped me learn some signs. One girl Theresa has been studying with her for two years, and she decided that since she wasn’t making any progress, or participating much that she was going to stop.  When she went to tell the family that, they begged her not to stop, because they had seen such a change in her confidence and her whole attitude.  So she gave her some rules, like making it to all the meetings and making sure she did her homework.  For the study this week we went over a few paragraphs of this weeks Watchtower using the videos on Theresa’s notebook.  She participated very well and although she is shy, she is very funny.

On the way back to Bella’s we saw an apartment for rent, so we went and asked about it.  Turns out the owner had already given her word to another person to hold it, but she told us that her neighbor up the road had a studio for rent available.  So she hops in the car with us and takes us there.  The place was very nice, very secure.  Most places here have a front gate with a lock as well as bars on all and doors.  So you walk in the front gate, then through the side gate that has a huge lock too, then up the stares to the studio.  It was a pretty big sized place, the main room was large enough to fit a queen sized bed, side tables and a big chair as well as the fridge.  The bathroom was huge, all brand new with a corner shower.  The kitchen was pretty tiny, like a short hallway with counters on either side, no stove.  I would have to get a small propane stove to put on the counter.  I also had access to the big rooftop patio off of the kitchen.

It was a really good deal, $6000 pesos a month (around 150 usd) and that included electricity and water.  I was pretty happy with it, its a really good deal…but I wasn’t crazy about it, and I would prefer to have a roommate..So I’ll keep looking, if nothing else comes up I have a little time to get back to her since its still in renovation.  I’ll keep it in my prayers.

When I got back to Bella’s a couple who were originally from Spain were cooking everyone a traditional Spanish Omelet, and it was sooo good!  They spoke a little English so we had some good conversation.  I would have liked to visited with them longer, but I had to meet Dian for my interview at the New York Institute at 2:30.  So Bella drew me a little map, and told me how to use a Concho, which is basically a car that goes a certain route like a public bus.  It’s only 20 pesos (.50 c) but the thing is they pack as many people as they can fit since no one uses seat belts here.  So it was fairly simple, I just walked down to the main street, hopped on a Concho, and got off a few blocks from the Institute.  I had to ask directions after circling the same block twice, but it was super easy once I knew where I was.

The Institute was such a breath of fresh air, I stumble in asking in my broken Spanish to see Dian, and the receptionist responds in perfect English! I was taken off guard a little, then I realized, of course, they teach English here, duh!  Dian was wonderful, we were able to go have our mini interview, discussed scheduling and the classes I would be teaching.  I also got meet a sister who I would be taking over for because she was going on maternity leave, and she was hilarious.  Originally from Louisiana and been here for 6 years.  We got on pretty well.

So will all my packets and books to go over, I took the Concho back to the house and with the honest intention of reading the material and seeing what I could expect from class, promptly fell asleep!  Everything seems that much more tiring when its so hot and humid.

Tomorrow I go to my first meeting and it will be with the English congregation, so I’m pretty excited to meet everyone.  I hope to be getting a phone soon, opening a bank account and some other important things soon too.  I’ll be sure to update ‘yallz on how that goes.


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