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Testing, testing…1,2,3…

Alright!  So welcome to Travel Addicts on a Dime!  This is a site dedicated to the tales and mishaps of two girls moving to the Dominican Republic from Stockton, California.  We both have always wanted to relocate somewhere outside the United States, and on a recent trip to the DR this past summer, we have found our target.  However it all gets a little hazy when the calculator comes out and our obsession with writing lists takes over.  And I am postitive that travel addicts around the world are always interested in finding creative ways to make thier dollar stretch.

So here is where you will find all of our research from cheap airfares to finding an apartment in the DR.  You can follow our progress, or lack there of in some instances, and get a real life look at what it takes to move to a foreign country.  So here’s to life, love and adventure!



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